Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zingerberacea - anatomy of a tooth shaped flower

  2/15 /2010

Mar 02 2010. Gave it a gentle squeeze, out came
  the aromatic clear liquid 
March 16 2010.. tooth-like growth 'flower buds' 
March 20 2010  Can't wait for the 'tooth' shaped flower to open
( most likely it might not), I plucked one 'tooth' and
dissected it... after removing the external membranous bracts
illuminated with white LED torch

 separated the internal  part from the '3-petals'
a closer shot using cp995 white powdery pollens but where is the ovary?

Peeling back the bracts... i need to extract  the whole structure.

here it is. The ovary is  the swollen part at the other end ..

severed the ovary chamber.. notice the tiny round whitish ovules.
bits and pieces... on my A4 size 'operating table'

Different types of anthers - foil presentation  courtesy of Eliska Zaveska
from SBG Speaker's Series :
"Secrets to Anthers - Window to Curcuma Evolution?" By Mgr Eliska Zaveska

I was hoping eventually i get a fully developed flower. 

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