Monday, November 13, 2006

Ho Chi Minh Nov 10-12 '06 - D1

We visited the chu chi tunnels .. some 20+ Km from the airport.

Ho Chi Minh and the flag of Vietnam - red background and a single Star

VCs dummies

The making of rice paper.
Your selection of ammunitions.

You can see my reflection as I held my lens close to the display cabinet. One of bullet was pink-tipped

A blown out M41 Tank

Bombs shells A4 size hole - entrance to the tunnel.

An ugly Micky mouse ?
Just found out this plant is called Ochna Kirii
and was commonly referred as Micky Mouse plant! I have seen similar plants in
Haw par Villa in Singapore

Look at the top left photograph ( near the ceiling).
This is one of the famous foto depicting a girl with clothes burnt off from a napalm bomb, she survived and moved to Canada. I remembered this one when i was still a lad.
It had etched in my mind since.
Look at a clear image here
Was told by the tour guide the 'young boy' running in the foto had just passed away.
Looked at the terrified look in their faces.....very sad indeed.

This was my first attempt using the just acquired canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens on the 20D. It was much heavier than the kit-lens. [ S3 was my spare camera just in case.] Most of the street scenes were shot on a moving bus on the 20 plus Km trip to chuchi tunnels. We passed by lush green padi fields, lotus ponds, road side stalls selling all kinds of wares, tree-lined parks.

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