Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ho Chi Minh Nov 10-12 '06 - D2b

The fruits of Sonneratia Casseolaris ( mangroove tree)
with its rather long style and prominent sepals are characteristics of Sonneratia Sps.
The connical aerial roots are used for cork.
( My first sighting of similar sp was a few years back in Pulau Ubin)

Lotus seeds.. nothing special but testing for my lens..

Elephant Ear Fish was served.
On adjacent plate in the background - a hollow 'ball'- deeped fried and oily.


"Ruam mian mian" singing - lead singer.

Raw material for the sweet - here a pile of dehusked coconuts.

Press for squeezing out the coconut oil.

Boiling to concentrate ... add sugar etc ... and keep stirring

Slicing the coconut sweet strips in equal length

A wide angle shot showing the production process on linoleum-lined table top.
The sweets are wrapped in rice-paper and individually wrapped and packed
Watch the S3 video posted in YouTube.

Hot molten hot coconut molasses allows to cool first...

The final product..
each package come with a pen-written DOM (date of manufacturing).

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