Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

 Bring umbrella (beats hats anytime)  and insect repellant ( mosquitoes aplenty). Take bus 925 from Woodlands interchange or Kranji MRT. You will need to walk a short distance to the SBWRservice on Sat as the bus will only drop off to the main entrance on Sunday.  Suggest you started the trails on the west instead of the east. Towers are interesting ( for me) so try them ( two in this reserve). Entrance fee is a cheap cheap $1.00!!  We took about 4 1/2 hours slow walking under a heavily overcast sky.  If you are after the plants, see my earlier visit in 2006 starting from the right hand side of the trails ( east-ward).

Signs a plenty near the entrance.

 A ripe nutmeg by the roadside.

There are plenty of monitor lizard in this reserve. Was watching this one drinking up the rain water from leaves. The fork tongue tip is too fast for me to capture.

Mother tells me to freeze ...This one is only 2 feets from me.

Tower Hide 2C partially clipped by my umbrella! Pretty steep angle steps.

 Sea hibiscus flowers sweeping  by the current. [ think floating candle on lotus flower]

Aerie tower #7 on the map..

A spacious tower -Aerie tower. Dont miss this one.

Insect perching on Sea Hibiscus's bud.

Peeping through openings in the observation hide.

Where is my fish?

Aerie tower viewed from below.

 Ficus lyrata - Fiddle leaf fig ( toa payoh central) A common indoor leafy decor pot plant.

 Torn open one to review the typical fig's interior. Adding to another fig collection in this blog.

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