Sunday, May 01, 2011

Macritchie Nature Reserve to Venus Drive

 IF YOU ARE GOING FOR TREE TOP WALK FROM VENUS DRIVE and wanted to follow a nature trail instead of asphalt road. Do take the Terentang trail  instead of following the main road to  Bukit Kalang Service Reservior. ( see the map annotation above. )

Bright flower with tiny stem.
Mushroom festooned on a fallen trunk after a light shower.
A Caucasian lady alerted us the giant turtle lurking under the bridge over a small stream. We were amazed at the large size of this individual. According to her there are a total of x3 turtle and one of them looks different from the other two.

Under this bridge ( not far  from Jelutong tower) a giant Turtle was spotted

Accident do happen in nature. Two pitcher plants stack up together due to swagging branches and wind?

Familiar flower of Tetracera indica again.
I remembered gathering this in my secondary school to make a wreath..

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Shawn said...

I guess you're right. I too spotted it in a stream below a small bridge. Maybe that individual prefers to reside in that area.