Saturday, May 07, 2011

The 255 steps- Dairy Farm loop - Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

With the tight bunching of contour lines you expect a steeper slope in Dairy Farm loop circled in above map.

Tiny flower
Macaranga Triloba  ( three lobed leaf). Look closely you might see ants disappearing inside this ring stipule.

White bodies secreted by the Macaranga triloba feeds the ants who in turn protect the plant from other insects. You can just barely see an ant inside this stipulus ring above.

Bat lily flower  on the trail side lying inconspicuously on the ground. 

 closer look of the bat lily

big steps 

255 steps I was told. Didnt count how many.
A little browning on the top
Ficus religiosa, the sacred Bodhi figs. Have not seen the  fruits till today near the Malayan rail overpass.

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