Monday, July 11, 2011

Pulau Ubin - Celestial resort etc

Star in above map marks the location of Celestial Resort.  My nth trip to this island but first time to spend a  quiet night there - no traffic noise nor generator noise. Scout the ground underneath durian trees but found none of the spiky fruit. Early risers had combed clean the forest floor bring guni sacks of the precious fruit. 

Fruit bearing branches.. hoping to see one fell but didnt..

Durian for the picking.

Saw a group of painters in and around the Public Jetty... something different from the usual  Ubin  activities

Master at work..  fantastic
Light is failing when this lone piped horn bill  was seen nibbling the palm fruit
Catch and release ..but some didnt survive the unhooking procedure..
China Chestnut, Sterculia monosperma  flower, 

Hoya diversifolia, mangroove wax plant.

The shallow and the deeper ends.

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