Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bukit Timah Rail Station Jul 27 '11

Walking from Bukit Timah Rail Station northward....
Can you find the rail track?  
Another view of the Bukit Timah Rail Station.
Will they remove this bridge? 
Tracks near Bukit Timah Rail Station. Crowds still flocked to the station and walked the tracks.

Bukit Timah Rail Station - a fence was erected to box in this small station

What about the Rail mall?  At first i thought the rail might run along the Rail Mall. But using Google Map you can find the track is across the highway and quite a distance away. The rail track is surprisingly close to the main road.


The following pics do not come from BK rail station.  Sour fruit we tried.. and a adult bug 'touching' the smaller ones using the feelers

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