Sunday, July 31, 2011

Macritchie Reservior to Venus drive

Starting Point... ( by passing the route from mc ritchie centre) .. our aim is to hit Jelutong  Tower and hunt for the terrapins we saw several months ago and en route to Venus drive trying out the Venus loop for the first time.
Close to the overhead bridge i can reach out and touch the palm flowers swaying in the wind and trying to get a steady shot. The bees did not cooperate and sit still.  So no bees shown here.

Hollow trunk..

 A tiny orange- bellied flower pecker caught my attention.

Near the Golf Link at water edge, tiny flowers dotted ground.

Close up of the tiny ball- like flower of water  plant.

Opening of the spider web.

A dried out 'grasshopper'?

Terrapin under the bridge not far from Jelutong Tower. Watch the video.
Several month ago we saw an even bigger terrapin lurking in deeper water here. 

Unwelcome embrace? 
Venus drive loop -  cucumber tree, belimbing. Common fruit trees in kampong.

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