Tuesday, June 14, 2011

zhenghua park to bukit timah to mac ritchie June 12 '11

Click map to see the path we took from Zhenghua  Park (top upper) and we ventured close to the sheer drop.

Its a long way down there...but still within shouting distance to the platform of the Singapore Quarry.

Durian loop... got meh?  So we look around for the thorny fruits.

Yeap... here is one
Another thorny durrian drop.

I  picked up this 'acaica like'  seed pods..
Kampong Trail from  Mac Ritchie side. Walk along the fence and Bukit timah is just 2.2 Km away.

Fallen logs...

 Fallen trees blocked the path. and bunched up the groups of 24 or so.

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