Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mac Ritchie Reservior June 05 '11 - the day orchard road got flooded again!!

Cant resist. I torn open a fig to reveal the carpetted male/female/sterile flowers within.
Ants 'joining' leaves using jaws power and belly flatten poses.

Chemperai Trail
Dragonflies matting
Found this school of fishes only at specific spot near the walkway.
Another view..

Keeping going...
Water water everywhere.
Submerged section... we wade through the inches of water...
Just inches above the water line.
Reflections which is the real one ?
Jogger went round the submerged section.
This lowered section to avoid low branch was flooded with a few inches of water. we wade through it...
She saw overhanging bundle of fruits and a white bud at terminal position.
The greenish hue caught my attention...
Nearby a mango tree bears small round and sweet mangoes. uncles and aunties were picking up dropped fruits and savored takings. We tried on x3 no bad...
Another view of the water spill over
Water released after a heavy early 5:30am till noon showers. video here
How it look like when dry ( below)

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