Monday, June 27, 2011

Bukit Timah back to Zhenghua Park June 26 2011

Berries - tiny bunches in ZhengHua Park.
Zhenghua on the left and Belukar Track on the right

Walking up is tough...
Spotted this inflorescence near the base of the stem. Do you know the name of this plant? Is this my long lost plant seen once in Tree top walk trail many many years ago near the stream?

 Neatly pleated...coiled up the canopy.
Curtail call for the Malaysian Railway System coming end June 2012.  We followed  others and climbed up the rail  over the entrance to Bukit Timah Reserve in Hindhede Drive.

Will the rail be left the way they were?

Watch out for bikers... cycling at neck breaking speed and expect you hikers to give way.

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