Saturday, October 02, 2010

SBG revisited Wealth of the Rain Forest Exhibition etc

Wing seeds of Shoera sps.(Sarawak) in the SBG library. There are more species than you can count.  See my Lambir (Miri, Sarawak) trip report ( Left hand box).
Spindle tree's Bhesa robusta seed. ( a similar one posted before here)
Male cone of a cycad. Firm and not spiky as you would thought.

This one decided to take a further probe horizontally.

'Curl'  from the petal of Pachira aquatica
Pachira aquatica flower. Too high up in the tree (see below)  so inspect a fallen petal instead.

The hairly fiddlehead of a tree fern. 
Other species fern young shoots and fiddlehead 
are delicious dish e.g. baku when fried with balachan. 
The long narrow javelin like petal of Pachira aquatica pierced through a leaf!
Hibiscus - 'twisted' Look.
 Stigma ( 5 style-branch with knobby heads) follow further down
by the stamens ( anther with yellow pollens on filaments)
I once commented all Syzygium sp.'s flower look like this.

With heavy emphasis of Sarawak items - the hornbill carving..
de ja vu - remember the hut in this year Garden Festival?

The column- like greenish leaves - dragon's tongue - Phylodium longipes. 
Recognize the cat's whiskers? The red round fruits were rukum masam or Flacourtia inermis mentioned in at least one place here

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shaun tan said...

Hi, May i know the name of the plant for the 3rd picture? with its flowers and long style/stigma? Thanks!