Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve II - where is the other cave?

We missed out this one on last week trekking. Going  in for a closer look.
 What strikes me :  a bright light at the other end of the cave !!!

If you stood near the entrance you could pick up the dripping echoes from  the cave ceiling. A flashed shot revealed the many ripples ( the through entrance  is barely visible from this angle).

'Ants' marching up the buttress root..
A closer look reveled the 4-5 lane highway were stationed with peripheral 'guards'. From the pic the antennae of these guards  were not angled so could these be marching termites instead? Ant vs Termite diagram courtesy of the unknown author from the web ( reproduced below) [VIDEO here]

Rock Path .. a short but  interesting path
Looks like the one in SBG's rain forest path
005- first cave 007 2nd cave, 37.52 metre from the first cave.

South View Path to Cave Path to Catchment Path to Rock Path.
Take blue line to TAS VHF station and back


Ivan said...

Yup, those are termites indeed.

Dark Matter said...

Hi Ivan:
Thanks for the +ve id.

Anonymous said...

hi can i find out if you were able to go in the cave. It's kinda urgent. Pls reply me through my email add at Thank you very much.