Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve walk

Look like two limbs ..
There are other more menacing looking steps else where. If possible walk on the side.
Singapore Quarry@Seraya Valley
A disused cement circular silos. Water?
Gall on leaf
Giant straight trunk of  Pulai ,Alsotonia sp.  Note the termite nest creating a black streamer up the tree.
YF walked round and found a fold in the fluted trunk that can hide two grown adults
Beginning of the South View Path you will came across to this rather
large and boa constrictor like liana vine. Wondering how the leaf look like?
A moth - note the two 'eye' at the rear end of the wing  'brownish'  edge 
on both the moth on top and the leaf insect's limbs below. Mimicry in nature.
The front left leg is missing... 3 on the right and only two on the right.
See how this insect walks normally video by Eva using Sony DSC-T90 
and my video below using Nikon P5100
X-sectioned of a log
We were attracted to the almost iridescent greenish lichen carpeted roots bathing in the morning sun.
Fungus that looked like calcified rock crystal.
Cave entrance on the side of Cave Path. If you are not observant you might walk straight pass it.
We missed the 'other' cave. 
You can hear the echo of water dripping onto the pool ( invisible) in the dark. A flash photography revealed the murky pool and i even caught two ripples. [ water was seeping through the roof!]  A trail of whitish streamer appeared to leach out from the interior. This is a granite cavern definitely man-made.

Claws  - close up of a spiny vine climber with stem as thick as my wrist.
Nice 'yellow'-sulphur  looking fungus.
Caterpillar shielding against the sun from the base of a leaf. You can barely seen a large black dot not far from the head. Another 'eye' design on body to frighten predators?
A 'heart' with an umbrella cover. Young leaves of Macaranga triloba
Red fungus appear on a damped wood. Focus on a protruding one.

Reflection from Hindhede Quarry not far from Visitor Centre

GPS log - so next trip will cover the minor few that we missed.

Visitor Centre no longer giving out the free pamphlets with the map. If you have half a day (4-5hrs) to burn you can cover all the tracks leisure walking and have time for photography. Most of the tracks are sheltered by foliage so heat or direct sun is NOT a problem.


FML said...

WOW! so glad we can still find leaf insects in Singapore. to they could preserved in their nature ways. just top those "poachers" don't see this

now if we could have fly flies back as well hmmmm .....

Dark Matter said...

It was by chance we saw it..

TW said...

Thanks, your sense of detail to nature was inspirational. I like the ants, although it give people the creepy feeling.