Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revisiting Yishun .. Pond and Park

Yishun Pond Map.
This little unappealing  unknown service pond some  ten years ago was finally rejuvenated! Tiny butterflies - white ones yellow ones fluttering among the flowers. Two egrets skimming the rather small pond surfaces meanwhile a white headed eagle doing the thermal swirls high up in the sky. Nearby the new Yishun Hospital overlooking one end of the ponds.

Notice  the porcupine spine -like  pattern  & shadows

The other end of the ponds - the spill-away during wet seasons i suppose.
Spiral@Yishun Park connecting the walk way from the pond to the Yishun Park nearby.
Collected some fallen fruits ...

 ... from nearby Safra
CP7000 self timer facing up on the floor and me.

Durians - at least 5 trees were spotted ... this time of the year we still have durian?

Ten years ago I remembered bringing camcorder and sensitive b/w ccd  and tripods, batteries etc to this park for the Leonids event.  So much have changed over the years.  I was told there were durians in the park but i found none then.

Bread fruits.  A visible one torn open scattering the contents on the pavement directly below.

Nanga or jack fruits high up in the branches.

It requires strong teeth to chew through this thorny fruit. Not the monkey i saw picking the easy target - Starfruit close to Safra.

Man-at-work. Inlet to the pond on the left.  Floating leaves were manually scooped out..

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I din know there were durians!