Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wallace Trail, Dairy Farm Park

Fungus that resembles cream cracker

tattered fungus look so much better than the perfect umbrella

Germinating seed pods every where... each fighting for survival in the undergrowth

further growth

Wallace trail, fallen young branch of African Tulip.

This one comes with a longer stalk

More chance to seek out the sun light?

no tigers nowsaday

plenty of streamers in Wallace Trail

deep cut from ex-creepers?

Steps.. luckily a very short flight before leveling out

Another species of Zamziba yam - air yam

Infant snail.

Childhood 'pop-pop' found in Singapore !Passiflora foetida but this one is far from growing into a full fruit. Let me know where else you can find this in Singapore. The ripen orange berry is nice to eat!
see my miri's entry of this species

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Karmeleon said...

Along the Thomson Ridge fence behind the shophouses of Upp Thomson. There's a whole climbing row of them, flowers, and fruits.