Monday, February 21, 2011

Bukit timah Reserve - Nth visit. Feb 20,2011

We pick a relatively simple trails - Southview, peep at the two caves again at Cave Path,  up the steps at Rengas, join the mainroad, branched off to the Submit Path and back the main road walking down the steep slope instead of up..Oranges, dragon fruits and small bottle of H20 fueled this short walk.

Merbau's bark.

Holed bark.
Wise man's gift. but which tree is that- Gaharu?
  Gaharu,  Aquilaria malaccensis
Passiflora laurifolia picked up along the main road. Not sure where is the vine.

Intsia palemanica,  Merbau

Blades-like details of the flower
A handful of the flowers

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