Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tree Top Walk Revisited

Found this young fern's 'head' leaning against a pole.

Grasshopper nibbling on Sendudok's berries
Branched Pulia ( side way growth probably promoted by the absence of 
or decayed vertical branch)
A red blemish on a young leaf

While most of the floral remain the same since my last 10 visits there are a few 'changes' compare to my last visit quite a while ago. The clear fast flowing stream is still teeming with oriented upstream half beaks. A group was seen using line and hook fishing on my return trip and another family trying to scoop out the tiny fish using terentang's leaves!  Bright scarlet orange african tulips petals still dotted the ground competing with the fat ugly Batman's leaves. But the monkeys that used to be found near the Protected area and  TTW entrance were gone. At the canopy there is a sparser look of the trees compare then before. A pulai with side horizontal branched stood out to be noticed next to a towering giant Pulai tree. Apparently some clearing up of climbers had been done on the former.  A short distance after crossing the TTW bridge a new resting hut was erected  [I recalled in one of the 11th visit during downpour with me right in the middle of the one way bridge, there was no sheltering hut nearby]. Due to PUB construction work one of the shorter return route back to the ranger hut was blocked off. Crowds were light today. Eva was happy to capture some close-ups using her new tiny Sony camera.

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