Saturday, July 17, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 - Suntec July 17

 Hoerikwaggo - 'Mountain in the Sea' - Table Mountain, South Africa
  The bats like structure were from palm leaf sheath.

A comparison from two camera  Canon 20D above and point and shoot P5100 below

  The background flower and trailing plants gave an aquarium  illusion with 'jelly-fish'.

Flowers came to life on pillars near the Ticketing counter.
I overheard a kid telling mother "... the flowers are real ".

Mat created from bundled grass and decorated with red cactus(?) and unknown fruits.

 Picture simply cant tell all..
Recreating Kelabit tribe dwelling from highland Bario, Sarawak.
Not shown above is a scare-crow on the left and plots of real dry land padi (rice)
even Chain of love vine

I noticed a 'twister' like structure
Rectangular-shaped branches with real pears dangling from it
Mace obtained  from nutmeg fruit.
Entry from Vietname(?) - Bamboo
Bent by the wind

Big flower heads - what plant was that?

Staircase to nowhere?
.... so Chingay like...
Masks.. from the 4th floor Orchids exhibits

Didn't know this till i take a close look of the image. A human figure?
and the a rising Phoenix....?

The Man who Planted Trees from SBG finally finally seeing the target audience
- the paying crowds.

Elegant vertical display wall of plants.. anyone?

Floral from S Africa and unknown palm leaf sheath.
e.g. hokkien mee uses areca palm
Gardens by the bay - will it look like that ?
  the crowd..
A closer look - Flame Lily, Nipple fruit.... how many types of plant can you find.
Click image to have a closer look.

Lady with long lens ....

Flamingo-like F. Lilies (again)... not the same species we I saw in Singapore

With so much colorful inputs you get sensory overloaded...
i stopped briefly at 4th floor. The orchids are overwhelming

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