Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) 20/10/07

With outer skin like a Australian custard apple but 'durian-like' seeds inside
I was puzzled of the find - these 'unknown fruits' under
trees that bear different type of nutty fruits.

Looking down the purple petals - you will find a 'candle-like wick' in the center.

Reflections from the Swan Lake formed this interesting 'Netting in 3D'.

Two fruiting palms decorated the canopy in the distance ... i move closer and pick up
the rather light but spherical fruit
The familiar nutty bunch....
it was under this plant i found the 'custard-durian interial- like' strange fruit

I noticed the pretty fruit

reach out to a terminal branch and brought one near to me.. or to the S3Look delicious .... they ended up on the ground look like
this ( below)

Arent they pretty?


Mable said...

From flowers to fruits, so that is your new interest. Refreshing break from flowers :-)

darkmatter said...

Hi Mable:
Fruits is the natural next... haha