Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pulau Ubin Oct 27 2007

The 'molar-toothed' granite outcrop.

12 pax per trip $2 each for the ten minutes crossing

The continuing effort of boxing in the island.

Breathing roots and carpet of sea grass

Javelin ready to be deployed
Noted the heavy-weight 'head' near the stalk

This one found its mark - planted into the mud.
Jejawi Tower (20 metre)
perhaps a good site for stargazing at night ..
View from the top... Nipah palm in the foreground - seagrass lagoon and shore line and beyond
tell me what is that twin- peaks in the horizon?

Introducing Mr Nick H (NZ) to this exotic flower

Flame Lily

"You So Like That One !"
Buy a drink and talk to the 70 years old uncle
- he will tell you the story on the German Girl ( Natok Girl)
and how to view the Goddess of Mercy just across his store.

Stop for a 'Jack fruit' snack break

Seagrass Lagoon
Hole in the wall .. wait- arent those blue tape from "Police..."
The guy told me there is a 'hole' in the wall.. i was puzzled.. i tot there is a hole on the trail. I dismounted and found out the reason. There was a gaping big hole in the fence.. to get to the quarry pool inside for a swim. I looked around and spotted a thin 2 foot long snake in the Simpoh branches..

Volunteer at work ! Believe me its hot out there... hats off to her.'Rocher' (see image below) grown on climber?

I was thinking about this... when i saw the string of dangling brownish 'fruits'
Click the image below to see the coco-resemblance

It was Air yam - Dioscorea bulbifera
close relative to D. sansibarensis.
The latter had fat oval-shaped over-weight look leaf

NOT a pair of discarded glove
but inflorescence of Nipah Palm

Look carefully -this is not a single crab but actually two individuals. ( spots the pairs of protruded eyes of each)
Perhaps this provide a better protection ( look bigger) against predators.

Noble Volute

Sea weeds come in many types...
Start of the 400m broadwalk

Low tide.. water receding..

Rest Stop
Floating pontoon..
School of fishes - amazing how each individual
make the decision to follow the chosen groupskampung style houses... windows/doors shut. Click to find
the black cat..

The red roof and pink curtain...

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