Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pulai flowers and leaf

The pulai tree downstair flowered. First the canopy's top gone 'pink' and the terminal clusters appeared. I thought it might developed into some thing big but never expect it start sheding tiny flowers a few days ago. I recalled the faint fragrance lingered in the still wet nights.

X10 close-up of tiny green flowers - corolla-tubed with fine hairs outside,
5 petals
dia. 6 to 7 mm
picked up from directly under the tree.
Nikon Cool-light SL-1 white LEDs illuminator

Vein ~ 2 1/2 to 3 mm, typical leaf length 13 -16 cm


Mable said...

Nice arrangement and lighting - an interesting way of photographing flowers.

darkmatter said...

Hi Heliconia:


IT was already late when i reached home yesterday. I picked up the wet small small flower and two leaves and got to work on the closeup view of flowers and uploaded them quickly as I hv promised. The enlarged view allow me to see the floral structure much clearer.. And the leaves - only til then i noticed the rather regular 'inter-vein' spacing so pronouced on the underside of the leaf. ( it was hard to detect on the top surface of the leaf) I counted 60+ pairs of veins... a # way higher than those reported in Wayside Tree 2 volume...


Anonymous said...