Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Sky looked gloomy. I took a walk in the nearby park. Fallen petals from a yellow flame ( Peltophorun pterocarpum) carpeted the pavement. Walking further down I saw ripe figs still can be found on one of trees and my presence had startled the noisy birds feasting on the fruits.Red-eye Philippine Glossy Starling nibbling on the ripe(red) fig.

Directly underneath the branches, pavements were littered with squashed figs with spilled-out tiny seeds. Overnight rain and the cool shady morning sent mushrooms surfacing in the nearby. I decided to take a closer look. Its the tiny detail of one that caught my eye.

The smaller mushroom pushes its way up
while a visible annulus fragment attached to the rim of the larger mushroom
at 4 o'clock position

A closer look above

Trio Mushroom - Even the tiny fly mimic the chocolate-brown of the mushrooms.
Meanwhile a distance away, a puffball(?) fungus (above) emerged on an old tree stump. Nearby I saw this 'hairy' fig deposited by bird. The wasps were long gone but the 'carriers' left the fungus pores inside the figs.

Fungi sending out thread-like growth from a discarded ficus benjamina fig fruit.

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