Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bring Home A Mistletoe Fig in a Pot

I don't mean those preserved or dried figs you find in Supermarket. This morning for some reasons I decided to stop and looking at the potted plants for sales outside the Cheers in Vista Point. One particular plant caught my attention. The unusual 'pipa- shaped' triangular leave and the fruits on stalks. It reminded me of a 'rare' fig shrub mentioned in "Figs of Singapore". I returned the next day to take this pic using my Cp995. Image of the figs was included in the lower left corner showing the pinkish-red ostiole. If you look closely at the leaf you will find a dark 'spot' at the forked midrid AND two closely spaced dark dots near pointed end of the leaf. ( similar midrid spot is found on the leaf's underneath). So for the price of a fastfood meal you can bring home a living potted fig.

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