Saturday, August 11, 2012

Melacca aug 9 - 11 '12

malay apple from the corner of someones garden

 Fruits  of  Malacca trees.

 Pickles made from Malacca fruits - popular among the Indian communities.

Traveler's Planet - we put up for two night here. 

Water wheel by the Melacca River in

Tourist Information

St Francis Xavier. Notice the missing right hand palm.

St Paul's church. Notice the white light house built by the British. 

St Paul's Church Inside view

 the narrow lane leading to good food...

  Store famous for ... see news clipping

 Colorful trishaw
 Perigi Raja or Hang Li Poh Well.  This is my 2nd visit to this well. the last time was in 1974!!

 Shooting from above.

The temple next to the well.  We drank the water ... so we will be back?
 We also walked up the hill of Bukit China in mid noon sun. There are nothing interesting there.

Colorful shop

Welcoming chill out with centoh

or the centoh with durian ...

and top up with chicken and rice ball

 Chicken rice and rice ball - famous dish from this region

People start queing before 4pm.. just wanted to eat the satey celup- dipping skew into a central pot of satay sause.

 River cruise 45 minutes on Malacca River..
Wall murays ..

eye on malacca

 Surprising we saw monorail! You can check google on the background of the challenges this service had been  facing.

A close up look of the multi lane contacts the rail is using ... what a strange design.

Our cruise flat bottom boat easily over take the monorail.

Breadcrumb from my GPS...

with map on one hand.. keep walking....

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