Thursday, July 19, 2012

Short visit - Ipoh / Cameron Highland

Tree tomatoes.. .. Never dream that one day i am back to Ipoh again.. How time flies.
Bird of paradise.
Tree fern  another indication of the high land vegetation.

Firefly - Turbo prop engine.
 I choose the window seat so i can do island identification photo shot.. something i always when young.  Sketching the outline of islands on back of envelope or flight magazine and trying to ID  them later.

Sweet big local oranges.  Beats Sunkist hand down.
Tea plantation
Ipoh - Breadfast with soft boiled eggs on bread!!
You will find this wild orchid growing by the road side on way to Cameron Highland

Garden near Smokehouse Hotel
Melon growing by the road side.

I went around and checking out the neighbor' plot of land.
Here you can find tree tomato, passion fruit and ground hugging pumpkin creeper.
Passion fruit flower in someone's front garden
Jagung or indian corn or maize

Strawberries farm  - Green View Garden
Ophiocordyceps, Cameron Highland version
'Pearl' beans ( in Mandarin)
Finally i found this plant here.
This puffy shape is commonly used in flower arrangement.
  A familiar sight in Garden Festival Singapore
Another type of Hibiscus
This is how the flower looks like and the puffy ball spilling the cotton wool like fiber
Only firefly?

Google Map of the islands . You need to flip the big fact island upwards
and horizontal flip again to match the foto above.
Hours ago we saw children lined the street waving flags and  I bet were  waiting  for him.  The chopper landed just a stone throw away from the departure room.  Shortly a royal checkered polis car pulled up.  Our flight was delayed by 1 hour.

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