Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bishan Park after the rain

Decided to check out the park performance after a heavy down pour.
Water flowing from Pierce Reservoir's direction towards Bishan MRT depot.
This is part of Kallang River !!!

The artificial wetland landscaping is still intact despite the earlier heavy rain.

Nice lawn after the rain.
Distinctive patterns created by two other species of creepers.  On the right is the thorny mimosa or touch-me- not ,and the stick man figure on the left from 3-leaf grass.

3-leave clove
Close up view  of the touch me not
A tubular flower ..
Curry-puff shaped "Enclosure for a Swing" 

Lifebuoy, ..sensors announcing the arrival of  high water release...
Dainty little bluish purple flowers..
In the distance - Mac Donald's 'M' balloon.
Dusk approaching.. reflection of a transplanted eucalyptus tree

Sure beat a storm-water canal look

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Carina said...

Always liked your sharings on the nature around us! :)