Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A bit here and there..

Micky mouse flower, a climber @ Lower Seletar Reservior. First spotted this in
Saigon 2006 and later in Haw Par Villa.

Wild boar spotted foraging near swampy attap palms edge
 - Lower Seletar Reservior

Inflorescence of Mahogany bears tiny flowers - collected near my place.

Tearing open the petals revealing the perimeter- attached stamens
and the central stigma column with reddish base.

Dali's masterpiece - at least remind me to do my skip rope exercises

Dali's Unicorn @ marina sand shopping complex

 Listening disk for alien in Singapore?  No, this is the upper deck look of the structure that generate a swirling bodies of water and falling water column.

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