Sunday, March 20, 2011

NEPCN Northern Explorer Park Connector Network

This is the flower of the larger version of the mimosa
Woodlands ave 2 ( back of Sports School)

Singapore Sports School

Rest stp with drinking fountain and plants lined roof

Ulu Sembawang PCN

Umbrella needed... on this long stretch of road.

Pretty flower along the way

Tiny longkau waterfall, playing with shutter speed on the camera

Trying taking this from above ...

Local 'Cherry tree'

common mimosa flower.. tring out P7000 closeup

Trying the closeup mode on the hairy stem of grass

Upper Seletar Reservoir

We branched off the PCN and ventured into this short stretch of road leading into the Upper Seletar Reservior for lunch break

Close up of the 'fingers'

Finally hitting the Lower Seletar Reservoir. Khatib end

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