Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 2011 - A stroll in a private park up north

the seeds are tiny and black and flowers lool like a roaster crown.. 

Saw this in Penang before and you can find a magnificent tree here too.
13, 8, 2 ... guess what am i counting..
Seen this? Where in Singapore.. hint : up North
Common fruits ..
Ok this one from Malayan Rail Tg Pagar.
Dont count on it to stop the train though.

KTM Ticket Counter

A creeper growing from a fence
Do you know the name of this fruits?
The pinkish fleshy carpels

ITS the Bottle Tree Park - Khatib.

surprised picking


Barry said...

"Do you know the name of this fruits?"

Syzygium malaccense?

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry:

This is the common Malay apple - jambu. You probably noticed the Jambu i posted in this entry too.