Saturday, May 09, 2009

SGB - Rain Forest Walk May 9 '09 ( Vesak Day)

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY .. May 10 tomorrow

Spiny rattan , Myrialepis paradoxa

Rabbit's foot Fern

Clam- shell like Cola gigantea fruit ( above & below)

Ficus destruens from Queensland Australia
Surprise to find mangosteen - dont you think they looked like
a pair of old fashioned alarm clocks? See my other images.

Failed ( sterile?) Tarap
Artocarpus odoratissimus
Another find in Fork canning
from a year ago.
A common tasty
( sweet white fresh creamy,
multiple seeds. Boiled seeds are edible too )
exotic local fruit found
in Borneo - Sabah/Sarawak. My personal favorite too.
Mature fruit ~ 7 inch diameter

Cycad 'bud' clinging onto the main stem

Sempoh air , national flower of Brunei

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