Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spotted this again - 'Pea Pumpkin'

This is how the unripe fruit looks like .. updated ( 11- Jan 09 )
Nikon CP P5100 image showing leaf, tendrils and fruit attachment vs the main stem

Pretty little fruit..upward pointing with keyboard for size comparison
On my way to the bus stop after work , i came across a rather familiar creeper Mukia maderaspatana among the hedges. Not far away the gardener had weeded out ( uprooted) another similar creeper leaving behind drooping leaves and skeletal stems but had apparently missed out this one. I was looking high and low for a fruiting branch among the tiny yellow flowers near spot school and never imagine just 3 days later i found one close to my work place and i had noticed this creeper weeks ago without realizing the resemblance . ( Finally saw an unripe one with wavy- greenish pattern last Sunday). I brought back the hairy, spiky branches and finished the foto-shoot before the dinner. At least the cuttings survive the journey home structurally intact unlike other speciment eg tiny flowers- Imaging via Canon S3 Super macro mode handheld

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