Monday, December 24, 2007

P Ubin Xmas Eve 2007

"Framed" - dredging in progress

Containers load with 'twin-peaks' in the background

Simply Red
'Ink bottle' - a buoy or marker or something.

Algae.. Sea grass

Tide was out... man walking along a measuring tape placed on the ground.

Orange in a sea of green

Comfort is the least thing in your mind in this Ubin's Taxi.Star-fruit : Natural ripened on the tree - less than perfect shape
but it is insecticide-free.

Snapping Shrimps - listen to the video file above.

While you are in ChekJawa - listen to the the series
of 'chiplike-breaking sound' or snapping sound over the wide expanse of sea grass
and sandy shore. (Above) FFT spectrum from a S3 avi recording there.

Visually only the Porcelain Fiddler crabs waving their oversized prominent
orange single claw dotted the beach while the invisible 'sound maker'
remain unseen.
Read more on the mechanism behind snapping and more

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