Saturday, May 19, 2007

Inter Secondary School Competition - Raft 2007

These metallic-looking 'tips' reminding me of
ICBMs in silos waiting to be fired.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Buoys as markers
bicycle gear and chain .. powered propulsion

yet another similar construction but a propeller for propulsion.

simplified Kon -Tiki ? look to me a pallet + sail...

As SQUARE as can be..
look like rocket- launcher to meStatic Rafts display, the acid test will be on Sunday 5/20

Nice spray work.. Star wars's machine...

.. and french fries too.

Ultimate Sinker ?

This will work...

Yin & Yang [balance] the key? ( must be able to float also )

( note now the ends of the tubes were sealed.. remind me
the other end of my toothpaste..)

'Blade' - cut through water w/o any effort?

F1 influences even onto raft..... paddles away..

Another F1 dream - i hope the COG is correctly engineered..

Just remember to tighten each caps and hope the container stayed as one.

can this rhino swim?

Looks a workable solution to me..

umbrella to shield from the hot sun... wow..

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