Saturday, March 18, 2006

One Saturday Morning

One Saturday I brought my digi camera to a Marsiling neighbourhood. I spotted the lone Chinese New Year nipple fruit plant a week ago and today I decided to check it out. It was a hot and clear day.... This plant exudes a pleasant sweet fragrant aroma.

Nipple fruit Solanum mammosum
flowers (top) and the yellow fruit (below).
Egg plants from my child-hood encounter also have similar but much shorter and curved dark brown spines. Look at those leaves with spear-like thorns!
At 'grass-root' level - even the humble weeds are in their splendor - Cupid's shaving brush Emilia sonchchifolia ready to release their ball heads - laden with silky white hairs.

And a nearby Golden Shower Cassia fistula tree littered the ground with golden yellow petals and the 'C'-shaped or semi-circular stamens that stained the pavement ( see image below)
The hot dry weather in early March had triggered quite a number of pink mempat Cratoxylum formosum to shed their leaves and flowers thus exposing the parasite plants that live off them ( see the tell-tale sign of their presence in the image below).


randy said...

hi! do you know where is that huge field with lots of cupid's shaving brush in singapore? or is there anywhere you know with lots of cupid's shaving brush?

THANKS! MY FRIENDS AND I REALLY LOVE THEM HAHA! and we are planning a trip there though we dont even know where it is!

darkmatter said...

Hi Randy:

This is a common 'weed' - you can spot them on sides of pavements and grassland. ( the foto shown is a closeup) Have not seen any field full of them.