Saturday, July 02, 2011

Serangoon River Walk - Lorong Halus Wetland - East Dam

Buangkok MRT -> Buangkok Dr> walk along the
Serangoon River- crossed the bridge to Lorong Halus Wetland continue towards the
East Dam one end of which is connected to Coney Island ( P Serangoon).

Serangoon PCN
under the TPE ....

Serangoon River 

Serangoon Reservoir

Passiflora foetida !!! 
You can find plenty of this kampong time wild fruit favorite along 
the Seranngoon River near the River walk.

Ripe fruits can be eaten. 

This is a rest rooms. Riveria LRT is a short distance walk  behind this structure
Looks like mangosteen.

A young one with cap.
Bridge crossing the Serangoon River to the Lorong Halus Wetland

East Dam - official opening July 4 2011

Canvas canopy offers slight relieve from the scotching  un.

Evening approaches - blue sky.  A lone sea eagle flew over head. The same one that 'pace' the Serangoon river...

A closer view of the East Dam

Looking towards P Ubin enjoying the evening breeze and watching birds doing a vertical  dive bomb  to catch fish.

Keep walking

lightning conductor and wind speed detection?

Papyrus reed

Field full of them

HG Well's War of the World - taken over by reeds

Reeds lined ponds

Artificial light fittings on long slender supports to simulate the effect of larang grass swaying in the wind.

Note the top West End Dam and the lower right East Dam joining the Coney Is.
The Punggol Promenade we didnt visit this time may be next time.

Fat kingfisher...

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