Sunday, May 11, 2008

Henderson Waves, Forest Walk and Alexandra Arch

HarbourFront MRT > EXIT 'D' > Walk up trail to Mt Faber > Henderson Waves > Forest Walk ( TTW like but this one is much longer easier and no vertical steps .. ) Will leave the canopy walk to some other time.

On the bridge i looked at waves after waves of tiny white furry 'air-borne' pulai seeds flying through the air.
the orange fruits of woody climber Fibraurea tinctoria caught my attention
I spotted the passion fruit petals among the green leaves and vine of Fibraurea tinctoria.
A close-up of the Passiflora laurifolia flower is shown above
Simpoh , Dillenia suffruticosa common flowers

Pitcher plant's inflorescence (above) and upper pitcher (below) with Tuip tuip as supporting tree

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